My Testimony

Eight months ago (July 1, 2022 to be exact) I gave my life to Christ. On that day I wrote a journal entry to document the moment I decided to surrender my life to Jesus:

July 1, 2022

Today I give my life to Jesus Christ, I did this years ago when I was a teenager but I don’t think my heart believed that Jesus is Lord. I was foolish & did not know well back then, wanting to do things my own way. 5 years later at 23 years old I believe that Jesus is LORD. I confess with my mouth that Jesus is LORD & God raised Him from the dead . I want to walk with the LORD, I can’t do this on my own & I’m shown this each & every single time I try to take life into my own hands. Jesus is the way and only way. Jesus is not asking me to be perfect, He just wants me to be OBEDIENT. I surrender my life to Christ today & repent of my sins. July 1, 2022 I surrender to God’s will in the name of Jesus, AMEN.  

As mentioned in my journal entry, when I was a teenager I gave my life to Christ, this happened at a Christian club that I attended in high school. A kind classmate of mine invited me to the Christian club (she also gave me her bible that I still have to this day). 

One after school I had attended the Christian club and decided to give my life to Christ, I repeated the salvation prayer and that was it. I don’t remember how I felt or if I truly understood and meant what I did but one thing for sure it was one of the many seeds that was planted in my life that would eventually lead me to understand what salvation means and intentionally give my life to Jesus.

I grew up in a Christian household, attended church on Sundays and participated in Sunday school but I didn’t know Jesus. Yeah I knew about  Him but I didn’t truly know Jesus. There’s a difference between knowing about Jesus vs. knowing Jesus by having an actual relationship with Him, I would come to realize this later on in my 20s.